Murder Mystery


Want to be a detective? Forget embarking in tedious small talk and dive into this. 

Here's How It Works: Your job is to find out what weapon was used in this heinous crime from the text below. Do you see things differently? If so, help us solve the crime.

Murder mystery.PNG

Mystery Uncovered



For those of you out there who uncovered the bottle and cracked the case, maybe you are more suited to solving crimes than you thought. One thing for sure, you definitely have an eye for seeing things differently.

Mystery answers.PNG

Here at Project Resourcing, we are changing the way you find and engage candidates by doing just that. We sit completely separate from the traditional recruitment function and take a forensic approach to discover people to make a difference to your business.

We offer a range of tools which plug directly into your internal recruitment operation to support you in ways which other agencies simply can’t. Find out just how much we have to offer in your never-ending quest for talent and how we can build on your market insight reports.