Furthest North


Which city do you think is the furthest north?

furthest north SPLASH.png

At Project Resourcing we see things differently. We take the guesswork out of talent sourcing, always starting with research to get to the right answer.


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Market Mapping

This is what Project Resourcing looks like. No matter how far north (or elsewhere for that matter), we are here to connect you to talent.

Project Resourcing has ripped up the recruitment rule book to act as an extension of your INhouse team. Supporting you on the elements of your recruitment processes where we can add value, and not charge you for the elements where frankly you don’t need us.

Identifying the right talent is just the beginning of what we do. With talent being more mobile than ever before, skills are being learned and developed INternationally. We source these individuals with a story to tell, whilst navigating them towards you and their next chapter of work.